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Gourmet Pizza

Simplified for your business

Premium Italian Ingredients

Zero Preperation

Zero Waste

Effortless Cooking


18 PACK: USF #1082846


Our Advantage

Hand Stretched & Stone-Fired in Italian Ovens using the finest pizza ingredients in the world.

Flash Frozen for long shelf life and no food waste.

Par Baked, Fully Topped and Ready to Cook, reducing complexity and cost in your kitchen.

Designed to keep food and labor costs well below industry standards while providing a Premium Product Experience.

Simple To Cook

Turbochef or other Combi
2-4 minutes, we can program!
Convection Oven
6 minutes at 400 degrees directly on rack
Standard Oven
8-10 minutes at 400 degrees directly on rack

Stone-Fired Crust with Sauce & Cheese Formulated for you to Customize with Original Toppings

Our Product

At Pizzeria Deluna, great pizza starts with great ingredients

A golden crust, kissed by the flames of our stone-fired ovens, delivering perfect texture with each bite. It’s not just any crust – it’s a masterpiece, crafted with centuries of Neapolitan tradition and skill.

Imagine tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun, handpicked just a bicycle ride away from our kitchen. This vibrant, flavorful sauce bursts with the essence of Italy’s fertile lands.

Picture creamy, indulgent layers of mozzarella cheese, handcrafted by artisans who pour their heart and soul into every batch.

Our toppings are a symphony of flavor, carefully selected to elevate every bite of our pizzas. Picture locally sourced veggies and meats that infuse each slice with vibrant colors and bursting flavors that dance on your taste buds.

At Pizzeria Deluna, we don’t just make pizza; we transport you to the origin of one of Italy’s greatest inventions. Taste the difference – where authenticity meets innovation, and every pizza tells a story of tradition, quality, and love.

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